Pinup Girl Nautical Bachelorette Party

Get Nauti Bachelorette Party Theme Pinup Girl Gift Bags

When one of my best friends was getting married I all but begged her to let me throw her bachelorette. After she agreed I asked a few questions about what she wanted: a day in the sun, a theme and something girly. She pinned a few things to our mutual board around the “Get Nauti”. This is such a fun theme, but I wanted to give it a twist so I added a 50s pinup spin. I rented a beautiful cabin on a local lake and the planning was underway.

I ordered a few tasteful pinup posters and used poster frames from a previous party to add to the retro vibe in the cabin. When guests arrived they were asked to open their gift bag (adorned with a pinup picture). The bag included a personalized cup (great for drinks on the lake) - I made these using tumblers from the Dollar Tree and Cricut vinyl. They also received retro heart sunglasses and a hangover kit.

Get Nauti Bachelorette Gift Idea Bride Cup Pinup Girl
Get Nauti Hangover Kit Bachelorette Party Pinup Girl

Upon arrival, we surprised the bride with a gift everyone chipped in for: an on-site professional boudoir shoot! We bought her a pinup-style nautical wardrobe to wear and blocked off a private space for her and the photographer to have fun. Critical to making this type of present a success is an easy-going bride and A LOT of champagne. The pictures turned out great and the boudoir album made the perfect wedding gift she could give to her groom.

Surprise Bridal Boudoir Shoot
Boudoir Shoot - Bachelorette Gift Get Nauti

While the bride was enjoying her photo shoot, the rest of us finished setting up the cabin with more posters and decorations. Because the girls pitched in for the photographer, we kept other gifts to a minimum. A great game to play at any bachelorette is the Panty Game (ugh! I hate that word). To play the game you have each guest bring a pair of underwear for the bride. The bride pulls out each pair and guesses who brought them. If you want to take the party to the next level you can make the bride take a drink for each guess she gets wrong. The game gets everyone laughing and the bride gets her underwear drawer stocked!

And most importantly we got the drinks flowing. I whipped up a few signs using MS Word and a printable images from Etsy. To take things up a notch I made a shot paddle! Normally I am way too old for shots but throwing back some fireball from this thing with a couple other girls was so much fun. I highly recommend it!

No matter what the theme is, a bachelorette party should always be about the bride-to-be. We wanted our bride to feel pampered, enjoy time floating with her girlfriends and to have plenty of champagne. Mission Accomplished! I’m so glad we went with the retro spin on the nautical theme, it felt so personal and unique to the lady of the hour. This was probably my favorite bachelorette I’ve ever thrown.