Game of Thrones Finale Dinner Party

I was late to get on the Game of Thrones bandwagon, but when I did I was addicted! Before the final season wrapped up I couldn’t resist hosting a dinner party in honor of the finale.


I was hoping to setup the dinner outside but with unpredictable spring weather in Minnesota I opted to clear out all the furniture from my living room and use pop-up tables to make the banquet. Throwing on a few faux fur throws and adding table decorations made it feel like we were somewhere in the Seven Kingdoms which, of course, was the goal!

I spent a few months scouring for table decorations in anticipation of this party. I found the galvanized steel chargers at Hobby Lobby, plates are from Dollar Tree, greens and florals are from various craft stores and the vintage candlesticks were gathered over time from various thrift stores. There were 42 candlesticks total. Keep scrolling to the bottom of the page to see how everything looked lit up at night. I was elated at how the party came together. It really felt like we were at a midevil dinner. The place cards were printed using a free GOT font I downloaded online and I spray painted mini-toy dragons to hold them.

The final touch for each place setting was a custom DIY napkin ring. I am obsessed with DIY napkin rings - they are easy, cheap and add a personal touch. I searched thrift stores for vintage jewelry. Then I used a bull-nose pliers to remove backings from the assorted pieces and busted out my hot-glue gun to make these beauties.

Game of Thrones Party Decorations

I didn’t stop decorating at the table. I added touches around the room inspired by GOT. I made Daenerys’s dragon eggs from Easter clearance decorations and several coats of Krylon spray paint. I found some fake armor in the toy section at Goodwill, faux furs from IKEA, the iron arch was from Homegoods and the GOT crown was from Amazon. The stone backdrop photographed (and looked) beautiful and helped to tie everything together.

And now for the food! With all the work setting up I wanted to party to last all night, so we ate in courses. This is fun because it made the dinner feel like a marathon, counteracted all the wine and mead we were drinking and kept us awake!


I always like a styled Bar for a party. I didn’t want guests to be drinking from boring solo cups because I worried it would ruin the mood. I already had the gold hammered wine glasses and moscow mule cups so on my thrift store adventures I picked up a few other pieces to round out the glassware selections.

After dinner we made our way downstairs where I setup a Family Feud style game themed around Game of Thrones. Party - Called GOT House Feud. Attendees were split into two teams and battled for the crown, answering questions like “Who was the most loved GOT character,” and “What was the most notable death scene in GOT.” Customized games do take a while to create but are so much fun because they are new to everyone. I even found buzzers on Amazon that we were able to use!

As the party wound down and guests left for the night they passed by a table to grab Advil and Alka Seltzer for the next morning. Offering a little hangover cure to guests as they are leaving is always appreciated, and much needed as we creep into our later 30s!

I’m finishing up with a photo of all of my friends enjoying the dinner (in costume)! I did learn something from this party - if you have 42 candles burning on your table the room gets REALLY hot! I never thought I would be a GOT fan, but it was great to step out of my box and try something new. Who knows, maybe I’ll watch Lord of the Rings at some point (don’t hold your breath).

Game of thrones costume theme party