Boho Bridal Shower - Wine & Cheese Tasting

Boho Bridal Shower - Wine and Cheese Tasting

This party encapsulated everything I love - celebrating a bride-to-be, wine, cheese and all the boho vibes!

The plan was to have a picnic-style wine, cheese and chocolate tasting in the backyard. Unfortunately there were thunderstorms so we had to move the party to the basement. Luckily I was mid-renovation so I threw down a bunch of rugs and stapled up all the tapestries, curtains and macrame I could find. I made the table by using stained plywood and metal table legs I bought off Amazon. It ended up feeling warm and intimate, a perfect setting for the girls.

wine paring menu flower crown bridal shower macrame placement boho bridal shower

I I did my research and created a pairing menu. Each wine was accompanied by some type of cheese and a chocolate. When guests arrived at the table they saw their personalized pairing menu and a flower crown to wear. These crowns were shockingly cheap on Amazon and added a nice touch for photos while getting everyone in the boho mood. I made the menus using Canva - a great resource which is FREE for making printables, signs and fliers.

DIY Cheeseboards for a Wine & Cheese Pairing Party - Boho Bridal Shower

I love giving guests something to leave with, so I made a cheeseboard for everyone to use and take home with them. I used cheap 1x8 boards from the local home improvement store and cut them to 16 inches. Then I added hardware (my first time using a drill) and slapped on a coat of food-safe stain. It’s fun to go over to my friends houses and see them still using them now!

Boho Floral Wreath Making Craft Day - Bridal Shower

Boho Floral Wreath Making Craft Day - Bridal Shower

Boho Floral Wreath Craft DIY Party - Bridal Shower

After the wine was flowing and our bellies were full I put together a craft for everyone to try - making a boho wreath. I was nervous - this was the first time at a party that making a craft was an activity but it went great. People got really into it and sent me pictures the next day of these wreaths on their door. I supplied metal floral hoops, silk flowers/greens, glue guns and yarn … the girls did the rest and we had a blast.

If you have a boho bride this would be such a fun party. Guests loved the personal touches at this event and the gifts they went home with - the afternoon was unforgettable, which is always the goal of any #marasparties.