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Little and big moments in life are worth celebrating. Unforgettable Events is here to provide inspiration, planning and event services to make your party fun and memorable.


meet mara

I founded Unforgettable Events in 2018 after my husband and best friend of 13 years, Timm, passed away suddenly. He was an entrepreneur and a risk taker (I was not). Losing him made me realize that life is too short not to follow your dreams. For years I had thrown parties and events for friends and family. Being creative, bringing people together and spreading happiness are my passion. Life is about living, having fun and making the world a better place - I’m doing that one party at a time!

brief background/bio

I was born and raised in Minnesota. I love the land of 10,000 lakes but I suffer from chronic wanderlust. I’ve lived in Spain, spent a summer traveling through South America, and I’ve been on more road trips than I count. When I’m not dreaming about my next party (or parties) I’m dreaming of where to visit next.

I have an incredible group of friends and family who have supported me (and partied with me) for years. We have been through a lot together: graduations, weddings, babies, home renovations and sadly death. They are what keep me motivated and I am forever grateful for their love and encouragement.

Although life threw me a curve ball when I lost my husband, I still don’t take it too seriously. I’ve always been one to dress up in ridiculous outfits, make an inappropriate joke to lighten the mood and constantly celebrate weirdness. I’m an unapologetic goofball and choose to be happy over being normal.



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